Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Spring!!!!!!!!

I love spring! We don't necessarily get all four seasons here like most places do but even still, there is a freshness in the air, like everything is being reborn and started back up again.

March Madness is in full swing and the '08 tournament is not disappointing. Even though the Gators won't be three-peating as National Champs (I guess they could still win the NIT?!?) the games have been fun to watch. I had the Stanford Cardinal winning the whole thing...but that dream is now over after getting whooped by Texas last night. Although I am all for the little guy (Davidson), I think the best final four to watch would be UNC, UCLA, Kansas, and Memphis. That's right all #1 seeds, baby.

This morning I made my annual trip to the Gator's practice field while Marie and the boys were at the gym. It was a beautiful day and I had front row seats. It's hard to know just how massive these athletes are until you are right next to them! The play was a little sloppy but I'm sure they will tighten things up before the fall. The Orange & Blue game (which is really just a glorified scrimmage between the offense and defense in the football stadium) is on April 12 @ 1pm EST. And it is now official...the crew from ESPN's College GameDay will be in attendance to kick off their season. With Heisman Trophy winner QB Tim Tebow returning and a slew of talent (albeit young talent) surrounding him, a bunch of returning starters on D, and another great recruiting class, ESPN has the Gators ranked in the Pre-Season top 10.


The Campbell Clan said...

Fun times...wish we were out there again

brett.lyman said...

March Madness rocks...every office should have a pool...

I took third in our office pool, so I got my $10 back. There were 10 of us in the "money board", so there were $100 to distribute (1st=$60, 2nd=$30, 3rd=$10). I even beat out our CEO and the President of the company!

If Memphis hadn't choked there at the end, I'd be $50 richer!